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Breathable interior

The interior of these shoes is lined with natural leather, which is characterized by incredible softness and is pleasant to the touch. Opt for maximum convenience and feel exceptional comfort.

Stylish laces

This model of shoes - thanks to the practical laces – perfectly fits the shape of your feet because of the possibility to adjust their tightness.

Leather upper

Smart-casual and elegant men’s shoes, made from noble and natural material: grain leather.

Chic brogues

Formal brogues are stylish shoes that have decorative patterns, made with holes in the leather, which add class and chic.

Natural insole

Leather, from which the insole of these shoes is made, stands out with unbeatable durability and comfort. You can be certain that your feet will stay positioned in the right place.

Comfortable sole

Although these shoes are in a casual style, they have a very comfortable sole made of flexible material, which adapts to the shape of your movements and daily pace

Digel Selleng Shoe

£135.00 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price